PRE-DANCE: For the Little Dances (ages 2½ – 4 Girls and Boys). A gentle joyful introduction to dance. An enriching experience for each child, encouraging creative development appropriate to each age group. In the studio, the child is surrounded by creative energy, along with a warm structured environment.

BALLET: Established the foundation of dance necessary for the development and improvement of technique. Stressing balance, placement of body line, with emphasis on poise and grace.

POINTE: Should not begin before the student is approximately 12 years old. The student must be well trained and physically ready. Placement is on teacher recommendations.

LYRICAL: An expressive dance form. Combining ballet, jazz and modern dance styles in an emotionally choreographed performance.

JAZZ: The most prominent of all dance forms seen today. Workouts designed for muscle tone, balance and flexibility. Dance combinations to improve technique and establish free style movement and individual expression.

HIP-HOP: Intricate popping, waves, locking and video choreography also stressed precision, building of confidence and improving presentation.

TAP: Fundamental exercises are practiced for coordination balance and perceptive sense of rhythm. This form of dance differs from others, as it puts the emphasis on footwork.

THEATRE DANCE: A routine interpreting a song from a “Broadway or movie musical portraying a character through styles of dance.

ADULT DANCE WORKOUT: Choreographed to popular music. Students participate in class on their own fitness level classes are fast paced and energetic, giving you a total body workout to help develop flexibility posture, stamina and to firm and tone your body. Excellent for spot reducing.

SUMMER DANCE: A summer program encouraging dance and choreography. Boys and Girls, appropriate to each age group.

COMPANY: Students are carefully placed in these classes according to their ability and potential for advancement. Staff meetings are held to discuss students progress and curriculum. There are required classes for performing and competing. Parents and students must be coiling to make the commitment to work together.

MUSICAL THEATRE (NEW): Dance Emotions is now offering classes for production & voice. Visit LittleFigstage